Big Day Tomorrow

On July 22nd I made a choice that in the moment seemed like a good one. There have been a few moments since then that I wasn't so sure.  Particularly a few very early Saturday mornings, after away games on Friday night, when I found myself running on about 4 hours sleep!

However, I think my half crazy plan might not have been so insane after all.  Our adjustment to high school and marching band has been rough.  That is putting it nicely.  Anyone who knows me well realizes that exercise is what keeps me sane.  So while the early mornings and long runs seemed a bit nuts, I do think they kept me from going completely off the deep end.

The long runs have also been my only social outings this fall, unless you count football games and band competitions.  Much like I need endorphins, I also need my social time!  I'll get a good 13.1 miles of it tomorrow with a group of awesome women!  Let's just hope I make it across the finish line.

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