Believe 2014!

I've been running this race for 4 years now...though I could have sworn it was longer.  I actually went and counted my race shirts to be sure, but anyhow... A month or so ago I wasn't sure this year's race was even going to happen.  

You see in a normal year the publicity for this event starts in September with a big T-shirt logo reveal.  Then, the Facebook posts about early registration start showing up in your news feed. Followed by asking who wants to put a sign in their yard to help advertise. You get the idea. However, sometime in October it dawned on me that I hadn't seen any news about this year's race.  I knew something was up.  The old website? Gone.  Facebook page? Gone.  Local running calendar? Nothing on it.  

I was bummed. This is the race that got me motivated to start running again!  It's my Thanksgiving weekend tradition.  It couldn't just disappear!  I posted an inquiry on my Facebook page to see if any locals knew what was up.  I few responded that they had heard it might not happen, but one friend found a link to a registration page. No official race details, no event website, but I could register so I did. I crossed my fingers and hoped it was really happening and I kept my eyes glued for some sign of the usual publicity. Nothing. I did eventually get an e-mail about packet pick-up that included race details. Yeah! It was happening! I just hoped the usual crowd showed up.

Ok this story is getting too long and there is more to the fact that I was out late last night with friends, ate only a few appetizers for dinner along with my cocktail, and somehow still managed to run this race sub 30 minutes for the first time ever!  Did I mention the course is hilly?  Well, hilly by Texas standards that is!  But the story gets even better.  I get a text this afternoon asking if I placed in the race. Huh?  No, unlikely I say, but the results weren't posted yet and I didn't stay for awards. Apparently a mutual friend had mentioned that she thought I placed.  Well, all be darned...I did!  No kidding!  I somehow managed to get 3rd place in my age group with a finish time of 29:29 (age is a good thing in these circumstances).  I also think the lack of publicity this year decreased the volume of competition, but hey I'll take it!  

Believe?  Sure do! Can't wait for next year!

Here is last year's post about trying to hit sub 30.

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