Only Half Crazy

No turning back.  I hit the submit button.  Just registered for my first half marathon. At the moment I am feeling like I can do this...I am just praying that is in fact true!  It's not till November so I've got some time to train and thankfully the awful heat and humidity I ran in this morning will be long gone by then!

One More Mile has tons of fun slogans on their running gear.  I sport my "Will Run For Margaritas" tank fairly often.  Not only is it true, it makes me smile every time I put it on.  I am thinking that this one will be on my Christmas list for next year.

I know I will chuckle when I put this one on also, but it isn't quite as true...pretty sure I am more than half crazy! Ask don't!

Anyone else out there half crazy too?  Are you registered for any races this fall?  

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