Snow What Fun!

I know it seem early to be thinking about snow...well at least in Texas anyway!  I am hoping we actually get some this winter and skip the whole ice fiasco we had last winter.  Anyhow, I keep all my holiday books together and when I pulled out Too Many Pumpkins to work on I stumbled across this book also.
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The Annual Snowman's Ball, by Richard Moulton is actually a sequel to a book I don't have, but you do not have to be familiar with the first story in order to enjoy this second one.  This delightful poem with charming illustrations by Karen Hillard Good, tells about a magical night when snowmen gather to celebrate in some quite un-snowman like ways.

The story lends itself nicely to working on rhyming and writing poetry.  Additionally, the rich descriptive vocabulary is perfect for working on parts of speech.

I am always looking for ways to make things more fun. Domino games are always a hit and in this case it's rhyming dominoes for the win!  Each domino has two words on it that do not rhyme, but somewhere in the stash of dominoes there is at least one, if not two, dominoes that will make a rhyming pair.  Students take turns trying to be the first to use up all their dominoes.  When finished they pick two of their favorite rhyming pairs and use them to try and write their own poem.

These centers also include two more activities for working with verbs and adjectives.  They are both sorting activities.  One has you sort the adjectives from the verbs, and the other has you sorting verbs into past and present tense.  Both activities come with recording sheets and QR Codes so students can self check while still at the center!

Even though the temps were insanely high here in TX last weekend, I've got my eyes on winter. Bring on some snow, but only a little...just enough for a snowman!

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Halloween Bookmarks

I got the itch to get creative with some new clip art.  I am becoming increasingly addicted to the style of Krista Wallden and I am using her designs in many of my creations these days.  You can click here to see more her fabulous work.
Today I decided to play with some Halloween graphics and put together some bookmarks to give to students at school on Halloween Day.  I've used some of these images in other products already, but I had yet to find a good way to use that spooky eyeball. I decided it was perfect for at Trick or Treat bookmark.
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This set includes 11 different colored bookmarks and 5 black line bookmarks for students to color any way they like.  If you are looking for a non-food item to give to students to help them celebrate these should do the trick. ;-)

Brilliant, Simple & Magnetic!

While walking through a friend's classroom this week I spotted these little beauties! They are magnetic containers she has stuck to the side of her file cabinets.  Genius!  She is currently using them to store magnetic letters, but the possibilities are endless.  I LOVE finding extra storage in places that don't take up any real space.  She said she picked them up at Target in the Back-to-School section and they were designed to be used in student lockers. I suspect they might be hard to find at Target now, but I did a quick Google search for magnetic locker holders and found a variety of similar products to choose from. Time to shop!

Sulphur Springs Little Free Library

We took a day trip out to Sulphur Springs. We didn't have a plan. We just took a drive to see what we could find.  We found much more than I was expecting!  The square in Sulphur Springs is gorgeous. The courthouse sits on one corner and the rest of the square is a beautiful Veterans Memorial Park. There are flags, fountains, statues and more.  It was such surprise to find this gorgeous park dedicated to all our service men and women.  

We also found a Little Free Library right in front of the courthouse!  I browsed through all the books looking for children's books. I found one Newbery Honor Book called, The Corn Grows Ripe.  If I had known I would have brought a book or two to leave behind.  I think I need to add a few books to the back of my car for just such occasions.  

Nightly Reading Freebie

Do you have some students who need some extra reinforcement at home with reading?  Or do you have parents who just need a little guidance in what to do to help their struggling readers? Sometimes what seems natural to those of us who have taught reading for years is completely foreign to parents who know their child needs some extra practice, but just aren't sure what that should look like.
close reading freebie for emerging readers
Here is a simple handout that provides basic directions for students and parents to get some additional reinforcement at home.  This can be used with any book, whether it is leveled book you send home with your student or a book they choose from their own personal library.  The daily assignments for practice reading aloud, as well as, the vocabulary, re-telling and making connections activities will help provide meaningful reading homework.

close reading freebie for emerging readers
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Tricks and Treats Blog Hop


I love this trick almost as much as the gal who taught it to me! Mrs.B. was one of my two fantastic mentors way back when I first started teaching.  I can't begin to tell you how much I learned from her.  I still wish I could sneak inside her brain and soak up all her knowledge and wisdom.  I am so very lucky to call her friend!

Check out this oh so simple and not to mention inexpensive basket idea from Mrs. B.

3-4 brown bags*
Misc. decorating supplies

*Bag size depends on how big you want your basket.  I like these medium bags. I think they are easier for kids to fold and they make the absolute perfect size basket.

mom2punkerdoo DIY Basket

mom2punkerdoo DIY Basket

mom2punkerdoo DIY Basket

I've used these baskets in a variety of different ways over the years. A particular favorite was the year we filled them with the Blessing Mix we made for our study buddies at Thanksgiving.  They also make a great presentation for parent volunteer thank you gifts.

Here is a little freebie you can use to attach to your finished product!
mom2punkerdoo Freebie
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How about some math treats?  I've got my fun new Halloween math patterning center activity 50% off during the Tricks & Treats Blog Hop! Plus all my other math patterning activities are 20% off all weekend long, including my bundle that has a whole year of themed math patterning centers.
mom2punkerdoo halloween math

mom2punkerdoo classroom organization

If you are looking for a fun activity to reinforce patterning with your students or you just need a quick review page to make sure they've nailed the concept then check these out.

Math Patterning Sets Include:
  • Both full color and black line versions (a few don't include BW)
  • Finish & Label the Pattern Worksheet
  • Create Your Own Pattern Cut & Paste Images
  • Blank Create Your Own Pattern Grid
  • Large Create Your Own Pattern Images (for pocket charts or centers)
  • Large Pattern Label & Task Cards (for pocket charts or centers)