Happy Valentine's Day!

Kept it simple for Joshua this year & he was perfectly happy. At almost 13, food is the way to his heart!

First Dance

The 6th & 7th grade students had their first dance. It was a masquerade ball. We were glad Joshua wanted to attend. He had a fun time, but no couple dancing occurred. :-) Loved his mask, but not sure I love how grown up he looks!

Our Table

After several months stored in my office we finally decided it was time to donate our glass top coffee table. This was one of the first items we bought when we purchased our house in Thousand Oaks. So it has some sentimental value. Imagine how happy I was to see it nicely displayed for sale @ the Samaritan Inn thrift store this week.

A1 is Just Right!

Tinsel spent most of the afternoon snuggled in this Amazon box. It was just the perfect size for her. Too cute! Another reason to love Amazon! Like I needed another reason.

First Chicken!

We smoked our first "Beer Butt Chicken" today and it was actually the first time in my entire life that I've even purchased a whole chicken! Turned out nice & moist and was very easy to do. Will have to season it a bit more next time.