Bunny Chaos

There was a lot of excitement in our backyard today! I looked out the window from the kitchen and I could tell that Finley was showing lots of interest in something on the lawn. The next thing I see he has picked up something in his mouth and is running toward the door. As he gets closer I can tell what it is and I proceed to spill my large cup of coffee all over the counter and drop my bagel (cream chess side down) on the floor as I rush to the door. He has dropped it at the door and is looking up at me with such excitement and joy!  He has brought me a gift, a very tiny scared baby bunny!!!!  OMG!

I was afraid to open the door for two reasons. 
1. It was likely Finley would pick it up and carry his treasure in the house to show me. 
2. It was so close to the door I was afraid that if he didn't pick it up then the bunny would startle and run inside on its own! 

As I talked to Finley through the door, while grandma tried to clean up my breakfast that was now all over the kitchen, I decided I had no other option but to try and rush out the door before either of my concerns could come to fruition. 

Long story short, the bunny chaos multiplied as I tried to keep Finley away and coax the bunny toward the bushes.  Suddenly, another bunny popped out!!!! Finley had to pick this one up too...of course. After  much noise and commotion I managed to get Finley inside. I was able to gently scoop up each of the bunnies and put them back in the bushes hoping they would recover and decide this was NOT the yard for them. 

But y'all know me ....even in the chaos I was able to grab my phone and I snap a few pics. Look carefully and you can see the bunny at Finley's feet! 

UPS Tracking

Things have been pretty rough around here for awhile now.  Likely to continue for some time to come.  While the beautiful dusting of snow we received today was a little bit of a lift. The thing that truly lifted my spirits was the tacking e-mail I got from UPS a little after 7pm tonight.   One Certified Marriage License from Los Angeles County Courts is arriving tomorrow!  It's the little things.