Pigs a Plenty!

These adorn our Christmas tree every year and they have since the early 90's.  I can tell you the names of the students who gave them to me.  We still exchange Christmas cards with a few of their families. As a young teacher who collected pigs I can tell you that only a few apples crossed my desk, but pigs?  There were plenty!  

I confess that not every pig out there is worth collecting.  These 7 however have been on my Christmas tree since I received them. Believe it or not, the trio of "Joy Pigs" are actually from three entirely different families.  I do hang all three together is a triangle formation near the top of my tree every year.  The others all find their own spots mixed in with all of my beloved ornaments.  The flying pig with Santa on his back makes me chuckle, as did the precious boy Peter who gave it to me my very first year of teaching.  

Our Christmas tree holds so many memories and decorating it each year is one of my favorite blessings. I enjoy recalling the story that goes with each as I find a spot for it on our tree.  My pig collection has stopped, but there are few treasured remnants of those days. Today I enjoyed my trip down memory lane with these seven pigs and the students who gifted them.

Do you have ornaments from students on your tree?  

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