End of the Year Fun!

Keep the learning fun through the end of the year with these fun ice creamed themed review activities!

Be sure to check my post over at Classroom Tested Resources for some ideas for scooping up fun at the end of the year!

Five Favorite Classroom Organization Tips + A Freebie

5 great organization tips to start the new school year off right! Nothing fancy just simple tips plus a fun freebie!

I am always looking for new organizational tips and tricks for the classroom.  Pinterest has a wealth of great ideas and I am constantly finding new things to try.  However, my tried and true top 5 tips & tricks have been around long before Pinterest. As you sail into summer consider using some of these tips to help start next year off right.  A few of them can be easily prepped in the summer months.

Summer Reading Suggestions

We all want to keep students reading over the summer.  For those avid readers finding books is never a problem, but there are always students who struggle with choosing books to read. To send them off on summer vacation with a few new suggestions have your students get recommendations from each other.

student book suggestions

Favorite Things Linky Party: TPT Clip Artists

Hard to believe another month has flown by already! Linking up again with the Teaching Trio to share a few of my favorite TPT clip artists.  There are many great clip artists out there, but recently these three have had sets that I have both needed and loved. Two of them even helped me out with special requests!

May Pinterest Pick 3: Saying Thank You

As we head into the home stretch it's time to say thank you to those who have helped us along the way this year.  Whether it be a fellow colleague, a parent volunteer, or your own child's teacher it's always nice to send a little something to let them know they are appreciated.  

I am sure y'all have seen some of the jokes going around about how your teacher really doesn't want some crafty idea you found on Pinterest, what she really wants is a gift card.  I have to admit this made me chuckle, and depending on what crafty thing is given, it could be very true.

However, I do think there are some clever ideas to be found on how to say thank you without breaking the bank or taking tons of time.  Here are a few of my current favorites:

I love this idea and it includes a tutorial and a free printable! How perfect is that! If you don't want to sew a key chain you can just grab a cute one that represents something the person likes and use that.  I don't recommend anything with apples though.  ;-)
teacher appreciation you are the key to my success free printables
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