I Am Thankful

I am thankful.....

♥ That marching band season is finally over. ;-)

♥ That my teenage son still likes spending time with his parents.

♥ That I am in good enough health to have run my first half marathon this year.

♥ That technology and social media have allowed me to keep in contact and feel the love and support of friends and family that are many miles away.

♥ For TPT artists, who design, sell and even give away clip art for commercial use.

♥ That my son has adults in his life who have taken the time to get to know him and invest in him and help him along his path.

♥ That I have a church family that I know I can count on.

♥ That I have a dog who is always happy to see me.

♥ For the teachers on TPT who have decided my products are worth buying.

♥ That I get along so well with my mother in law and that she is so easy to live with.

♥ For Pinterest…yep I really am!

♥ For the gifts of music my son shares.

♥ That I have an amazing circle of friends who have provided meals, pet sitting, vacation planning, running partners, prayers, cocktails ;-) and countless hours of listening and just plain old fun!  

♥ That over 24 years ago I decided to date the best friend and patient husband anyone could ask for and so very grateful to have him by my side.

Whenever I take the time to actually make a list of the things I am thankful for it becomes abundantly clear that there is little I should ever complain about...and yet I still do.  This list could have gone on quite a bit longer and I should probably take the time to keep in going in the future.  For the moment though it covers what is on my heart this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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