Feels like just yesterday when Joshua started using these. Can't remember when he stopped, but I wasn't ready to purge @ the time. Today is the day they go. Sigh. Yep, I'm a sentimental fool...not a surprise to anyone I know.

But then I posted on Facebook and this is what happened:

L: Nooooo, I'm just like you. Save them!! Then, when you put your grandkid's drinks in them, Joshua will love it!!
N: I agree with L. Save some stuff.
KG: What L said. My parents kept a few of the plates and cups my brother and I used. Now J and J use those at my parents' house. The kids think it's fun, so do we. Hoarding enablement session over.
Kim: Oh ladies you are bad! I might have to pull them out of the donation bag, but the problem is I already have so much stuff saved for the grandkids. Let's hope these grandkids y'all speak of actually exist some day!
S: You can do this Kim! Just a few very memorable pieces...that's the key!
@ KG...Hoarding Support Group?
KS: I'd keep them ... ya know, for grandkids and such. I'm a sentimental fool too.
H: Do what I do...watch one episode of Hoarders and then decide what to do. Works every time.
Kim: Y'all are a bunch of enablers...except maybe H. I have seen Hoarders only once...never again. Ok I am going to get them back out. They are small, right?

Waiting for the Rain

Wow! The sky was so fabulous yesterday afternoon, but the storm was a bit of a let down. Glad for the rain we did get and glad that the tornado watch didn't escalate into something more. Would have liked a little more thunder though.

Suit Pocket

Joe & I were finally cleaning out our closet. What a mess! In going through clothes to toss out Joe found this note in his pocket. OMG it's notes from Cindy & Jason's wedding over 13 years ago! I can't remember what year they got married, but it was before I was even pregnant with Joshua! I recognized Cindy's immediately! Guess its been awhile since Joe has worn suit. :-)

Pizza Fun!

We had a great time making pizzas on our new Kamado Joe. We used the smoked pork from Friday to make a BBQ pizza. Joshua's half had additional bacon and Joe's had onions & jalapeƱos. I also threw together an apple dessert pizza. It wasn't quite as good as the mini pies I smoked the first night, but still very yummy.

SAT Saturday

Joshua had to be at Collin County Community College by 7:45 Saturday morning to take the SAT test. Neither of us were too thrilled about it, but I did think the clock tower looked pretty cool in the misty morning.

Foggy Morning

We have had several unusually fogging mornings lately. I decided to stop & snap a few pics with my phone after dropping Joshua at school. One sweet lady was worried I was having car trouble. So I felt a little silly telling her that I just wanted pictures of the fog.

Les Miserables

Joshua LOVED the movie even more the second time. He has bought the soundtrack and now he is starting to read the 1400 page novel! Part of his desire to read it is to be able to better argue with his dad about the character Javert. I'm just thrilled he is so into the story & the music.

Third Monday

Lots of fun stuff going on around town on the weekend before the 3rd Monday: Trade Days, Fringe & The Old Red Lumberyard. All fun places to browse, get inspiration, see some old crap and some old treasures too. Perfect day for being outside, soaking up the sun & getting inspired to spruce things up!


Gotta love an old fashioned Barber Shop pole! We actually go to the adjoining hair salon which is just as old fashioned. Feels like a little bit of Steel Mongolia's right here in McKnney,TX.

Another View

My weekly Wednesday lunch provided an opportunity to get yet another photo of my favorite bathroom. Who knew a bathroom could be so fun? It's not quite as fun as the treasured time having lunch with fabulous friends, but still pretty fabulous. Just look at all that toilet paper!

Snow Cat

Woke up to a wonderful surprise this morning....SNOW! I love snow. I love that here in North Texas we get just enough snow for it to be fun & exciting, but not a hassle. After a careful drive to school I came home & played with Finley in the fresh snow. Tinsel was watching us the entire time. In effort to entertain her and to help preserve the snow a little longer I decided to make her a Snow Cat just outside her window! Turned out even cuter than I had hoped. She was supervising me intently the entire time. It was quite fun for us both. Oh & and of course, Finley helped too. ;-)

Snug on the Square

New location downtown & an old friend new in town equals a 3.5 hour breakfast & coffee! It was a perfect morning to try out a new spot. And a good time to catch up with an old friend. I'm quite sure we will return to this delightful snug & cozy cafe.

Sunday Afternoon Adventures

I snapped a dozen different pics of Tinsel today. All in different & entertaining spots. She really is quite the character. Her adventures sure do make us smile!

Strong Friends

We bought this TV in 2001. Such a big purchase. Literally. A couple years ago we recruited a few friends to help us haul it upstairs. Tonight we recruited one of those same friends to bring it back down.. Should be the last time we need help with this particular item as it's soon to have a new home. So thankful for strong friends!

Best Bathroom Ever!

Patina Green. Fabulous Bathroom. This shot is only from one angle. The rest of it is just as fabulous. I guess I'll have to go back.

Yep, Walmart

I usually stay on this side of the 75 whenever possible, so this particular Walmart is not one I've been to more than a handful of times. It just isn't convenient. However, it is unique. As is evidence by this windmill in the parking lot. This is a Walmart experiment. It's first "green" superstore. This store was built to environmentally sustain itself. Pretty cool....as is the windmill.

It's Raining, It's Pouring

I never owned rain boots in California. Though in Northern CA I certainly had need for them a few times! Today in Texas it was a perfect day for a good pair of galoshes. So nice to be able to tromp through parking lots and not get my feet wet at all!

Steel Toes

OMG! Joshua's feet are so big. He has outgrown his most recent pair of boots. I'm going to keep them for myself, but I'm going to have to wear extra thick socks!!! They are just a tad too big for my huge size 10 feet. Can't believe how big his feet are and he's only 12, Never had steel toes boots before. They should make good work boots.

A First

Uniform shirts ironed for the whole week! First time that's happened all year. Wonder if I can keep up the trend?


Cheerio chaos! Look at the mess I made. This is how it all started. Costco was out of Multigrain Cheerios so we bought good old regular Cheerios. Well, the regular are apparently not nearly as yummy . So we came up with trick of mixing the two kinds together. Ta-da! We have been doing this for sometime now & it saves money & sugar intake, as the regular Cheerios are probably cheaper because they have less sugar! Anyhow in my attempt to do our little mixing routine yesterday it would seem I did not get the lid sealed properly. Thus, this HUGE mess onto kitchen floor. All I could do was laugh. The mess was so big it actually really was more funny than frustrating.

Tortilla Bowls

Another White Elephant connection.... These tortilla bowls are the first I've ever made. Yet I've had the pans for making them for a couple of years now. I got them from Joni while helping them pack for their move a few years ago. What makes it especially funny is that someone else brought similar pans to the White Elephant Party and Joni wanted them & ended up keeping them. She used them for dinner the other night and they turned out great. So I knew I had to finally give the ones I got from her a try. I used them last night when we had Kerry & Fred over for dinner. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Looked fab and tasted great too!

Chest X-Ray

Took Joshua for a follow up appointment to see how his pneumonia was improving this AM. Ended up at Envision Imaging getting his chest x-rayed! Not what I was expecting. Good news though.... His left lung is ok and showing improvement despite the fact that the doctor could not hear any air flow. Envision & the doctor's office were both speedy & fabulous. Glad for the positive x-ray and hoping for more improvement soon.

Christmas Tubs

It never fails. No matter how careful I am, how hard I look or how many times I double check I ALWAYS forget to pack something away in the Christmas tubs. For the second year in a row I forgot an item from the kitchen and it was out in plain site! Guess it's just a tradition now. ;-)

Vodka Light

More White Elephant fun! Joe was inspired by a gift Kyle made for the New Year's Eve party. He decided to get creative & make his own version today. This is his end result. Turned out pretty darn well!

Fairy House or Gnome Cottage?

First day of 2013 trying to decide if my awesome New Year's Eve party White Elephant gift is a Fairy House or a Gnome Cottage? Still deciding if this will be it's permanent location or not. I do think it's perfect wherever it ends up!