Tips For Teaching ABC Order

Teaching ABC Order occasionally brought frustration to my students when they would miss or skip a word and then need to erase or fit the missing words in somehow.  As a result I've tinkered with a few different ideas on how to help them learn this skill with less frustration.

Half Marathon # 2

Last Saturday I ran my second half marathon.  It was not nearly as rewarding as the first for a couple of different reasons.  The big ones are:

#1 It was 60 degrees and 94% humidity when I woke up. UGH! We trained all winter in the 30's-40's.  I like running in the winter. It's cold. I wear tank tops to run if it's anything above 40.  It was too HOT.

#2 I've been eating Whole30 and Paleo this training cycle. Training pace has been slower as a result.

#3 I waited too long to eat.  We usually eat at the 6.5  mile mark, but for some stupid reason I thought I could go a little further and eat at mile 8.  That was just dumb, especially considering the heat. Lesson learned.

Planning For Success

Some of you know that I've recently joined a new collaborative blog.  Classroom Tested Resources launched last month and each day a different teacher-blogger is sharing resources, ideas and tips to help you in the classroom.

Today, it's my turn.  Head on over to check out my post on setting goals with your students and helping them plan for success.

You will also find a new free set of posters with some of my favorite inspirational quotes to download!

Earth Day: Sharing The Planet

Earth Day Sharing The Planet

The first time I heard this quote I immediately wrote it down. I am the type of person that can get easily overwhelmed.  These words really help me put things into perspective.  There is much to be done, but each of us can do our part and it will help!

One important message to share with students is that their actions and choices today help shape the future. One way to help students start thinking about their choices is to get them doing something that will lead to a change or make an impact.

Having students choose and action that they can do, repeat, observe and reflect upon is one way to get them thinking more about how they can help shape the future.

The Winner is...

Thanks to all who stopped by to help me celebrate the new blog design! I hope you visit regularly! The winner of the giveaway is Carla from Comprehension Connection.

Happy Easter everyone!

Checking For Understanding

With my blog redesign I wanted to come up with a tag line.  This was WAY easier said than done. My list of potential tag lines got a little out of hand and even quite comical at times.  A few of my ideas were more like paragraphs than tag lines, several of which are too embarrassing to even share.

Anyhow, after a few months of brainstorming I settled on "Checking for understanding one day at time."  Why?

In thinking about the classroom, and life in general really, I strongly believe that checking for understanding is critical.  It's all well and good to teach a great lesson, give specific directions, and regularly communicate to parents or your family. However, if you haven't verified that they actually get what your teaching, or how you want them to do something, or if they even heard you then it's really all for nothing!

The reverse is true also if you don't check to make sure you understand what's being shared or communicated then that's a problem too.

For those who were trained to write 7 step lesson plans following Madeline Hunter's Model of Mastery Learning you will know that step 5 is "Checking for Understanding." I wrote so many 7 step lesson plans back in the 90's that it is ingrained in my memory. Even my husband will joke with me that I am checking for his understanding when I verifying things with him.  We've recently discovered that we need to revisit this with our son now that he's gone all teenager on us! ;-)

If you need some ideas or new tricks for making sure you are checking for understanding with your students take a look at these resources:

Thanks for joining me on this journey as I continue to check for understanding!

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April Pinterest Pick 3

Spring is here and the days are finally warming up!  I always smile a little brighter with the warmer temps and longer days.  The end of April brings Earth Day and an opportunity to share with students the need for proper care and keeping of our precious planet. This month my April Pinterest Pick 3 pins are all from my Earth Day; Sharing the Planet Pinterest Board. 

Click on Image to View Pin

I simply love this idea!  For use in the classroom you could break your students into smaller groups or you could do a large one whole class, but not worry about keeping track of the fingerprint colors.

Recycling Facts | by Kelly's Classroom | $Free
Click on Image to View Pin

This fun freebie from Kelly's Classroom includes 30 printable fun facts about recycling. These can be used as flipbooks, included in science journals, or just used as discussion starters.

Earth Day poster!
Click on Image to View Pin

This last pin from First & 2nd Grade Fever shows a simple way celebrate Earth Day with your students.  Brainstorm with your class ways they can pledge to take care of the Earth and make a poster to display all month.

For additional Earth Day ideas be sure to check out my Pinterest Board,

Follow Mom2punkerdoo's board Earth Day: Sharing the Planet on Pinterest.

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The Story Behind Mom2punkerdoo

Many have asked me about me about the origins of Mom2punkerdoo, so with the new blog face lift I figured it was a good time to share the story for those who are interested.

mom2punkerdoo teaching ideas
Did y'all have a million nicknames for your children when they were born?  We sure did. I've got a scrapbook page around here somewhere with a whole list of them.  I won't share it, as that just wouldn't be fair to Punkerdoo.

See Punkerdoo is a teenager now, and yes we do occasionally still call him that...though never in public. Hoping he doesn't read this!

Back when we was born the nickname Punkerdoo is one that really stuck.  This was in the early days of web design (before blogging even existed). I had a classroom website, so I figured why not start a website for friends and family to see pictures of our precious new bundle of joy. It was of course called Punkerdoo.

Website, e-mail addresses, the Punkerdoo Press Christmas Newsletter....Punkerdoo wasn't going away. At some point along the way I started using Mom2punkerdoo as a handle for myself. Then, in 2012 when I stuck my toe into the blogging world Mom2punkerdoo seemed fitting.

Move forward to the end of 2013 when I first opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store I needed a name.  I had the blog and the e-mail already set up and it was certainly unique. Right?  I knew it didn't scream teacher, but I wanted to get going and I thought might be memorable if not a little odd. ;-)

Since you never quite know what my show up here on my little blog, it works out that it doesn't quite tell you much beyond the fact that I am a mom. Which just happens to be my number one job!

So Mom2punkerdoo it is. It's who I am. It makes me smile.

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Blog Reveal Celebration

Woot! I had no idea how excited I would be about my new blog design!

Way back in December I decided it was time to hire an expert and get a real blog design.  After a fair amount of research I decided to go with Megan from A Bird In Hand Designs.  Only thing was, she is so fantastically awesome there was a bit of a wait.  This actually turned out to be a blessing, as I seriously had no clue what direction I wanted to head with my design,

Luckily, Megan has homework for her clients!  Thankfully it wasn't due right away, because I did not know the answers to ANY of her questions.  I usually pride myself on getting things done early. Well, not this time.  I really did turn in my homework at the last possible minute, but I hadn't procrastinated. I just had a hard time narrowing my ideas down.

I could not be more pleased with Megan's design.  She captured what I was wanting and she was super easy to work with. I hope you like it as much as I do.  Be sure to take a look around. You can find links to some of my freebies and see some pictures of my adorable pets.

Naturally a celebration is in order! I am keeping the party planning on this one simple.  No thematic refreshments, games or party favors, BUT how about a great giveaway and a sale in my TPT Store? Let's get this party started!

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Favorite Things Linky Party: Running Gear

I'm linking up with the Teaching Trio for another month of favorite things.  This month I decided to go with my favorite running gear. I have running on the brain as I will be running in my 2nd half marathon later this month.  Running is what keeps me sane. I don't run to go fast or win, I just need to move and get my endorphins pumping or else I am really no fun to be around.   If you are a runner or would like to become one here are a few things I really can't run without.

#1 Brooks Running Shoes
These are a MUST have for me.  I have HUGE feet and need a really wide toe box.  Brooks is hands down the best for those that need a wide toe box.  I have worn several different models of Brooks.  These hot pink beauties are Ravenna 6's and I plan to wear them for the half this month.  

#2 Arm Warmers
I will confess that when I first started seeing folks wearing arm warmers I thought it a little goofy.  I have 100% changed my opinion.  I LOVE these.  I happen to be one of those who runs hot all the time. So inevitably I am having to take off my jacket and tie it around my waist.  Ugh.  It's even more annoying since I wear and arm band with my iPhone and to take my jacket off I have to take off the arm band first.  Enter these little beauties!  Slide them on when the temps require a jacket and slide them off part way into my run when I have warmed up so much that it feels like summer even though it's only 45 degrees out!  One More Mile carries arm warmers and other gear with all sorts of fun slogans if you feel like making people smile while you run.  

#3 Runkeeper App
I first started using Runkeeper as a walker way back in June of 2010.  I wanted a GPS tracker to keep track of my miles and calories burned.  Since then I have progressed from walking to running and I have logged almost 1,500 miles with it over the years (including 2011 when I seemingly didn't move much at all according to my stats).   Did I mention it's FREE too?  I highly recommend Runkeeper for walkers and runners of all abilities. It has tons of handy features too. Maybe I'll do a post separate post on how it's helped me train.

Be sure to check out my Just Run. Pinterest Board for more of my favorite running gear.

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