Half Marathon # 2

Last Saturday I ran my second half marathon.  It was not nearly as rewarding as the first for a couple of different reasons.  The big ones are:

#1 It was 60 degrees and 94% humidity when I woke up. UGH! We trained all winter in the 30's-40's.  I like running in the winter. It's cold. I wear tank tops to run if it's anything above 40.  It was too HOT.

#2 I've been eating Whole30 and Paleo this training cycle. Training pace has been slower as a result.

#3 I waited too long to eat.  We usually eat at the 6.5  mile mark, but for some stupid reason I thought I could go a little further and eat at mile 8.  That was just dumb, especially considering the heat. Lesson learned.

A few other factors contributed, but those were the biggies.  I did a solid 10 miles at a great pace (well, for me at least).  However, by then it was pushing 70+ degrees and I hit a wall.  Something very strange happened though.  I found some wisdom at 45 years old that quite surprised me...I decided it was better to not push myself and avoid injury or passing out.  Shocking!  Isn't it?  Old me would have pushed myself to the brink....or maybe beyond.

This time I told myself, "Girl, you have done 10 miles! That's freaking awesome. Walk some so you can still run next week! It's OK!"  So I did.  I walked/ran the last 3 miles and I didn't even cry about it!  Sure I am disappointed, but I am not beating myself up and I am trying to be proud of my choice to run based on how I felt...which was pretty darn crappy.  Did I mention I had been sick the day before too?

So at 45 I have run my first two half marathons. One great and one not so great.  Never in a million years did I think I would run 13.1 miles and think it a good idea.  I am pretty sure I will do it again, but I am thinking I will stick to fall and winter races.  I just can't do the heat!

Oh and I almost forgot the best part! I splurged and bought myself a cute new running skirt on sale from Runningskirts.com . I LOVE it. It was very comfortable, light weight and just darn cute! I am going to have save up for a few more!

I am calling this race a win as I continue to check for understanding in my life, as well as, in teaching.  I taught myself a few things last weekend and that is saying something! ;-)


  1. Congratulations, Kim! That was very smart of you not to push yourself at the end. No point in feeling miserable and injured. Take care!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Oh thank you Lisa! I haven't always been so smart. ;-)