Favorite Things Linky Party: Running Gear

I'm linking up with the Teaching Trio for another month of favorite things.  This month I decided to go with my favorite running gear. I have running on the brain as I will be running in my 2nd half marathon later this month.  Running is what keeps me sane. I don't run to go fast or win, I just need to move and get my endorphins pumping or else I am really no fun to be around.   If you are a runner or would like to become one here are a few things I really can't run without.

#1 Brooks Running Shoes
These are a MUST have for me.  I have HUGE feet and need a really wide toe box.  Brooks is hands down the best for those that need a wide toe box.  I have worn several different models of Brooks.  These hot pink beauties are Ravenna 6's and I plan to wear them for the half this month.  

#2 Arm Warmers
I will confess that when I first started seeing folks wearing arm warmers I thought it a little goofy.  I have 100% changed my opinion.  I LOVE these.  I happen to be one of those who runs hot all the time. So inevitably I am having to take off my jacket and tie it around my waist.  Ugh.  It's even more annoying since I wear and arm band with my iPhone and to take my jacket off I have to take off the arm band first.  Enter these little beauties!  Slide them on when the temps require a jacket and slide them off part way into my run when I have warmed up so much that it feels like summer even though it's only 45 degrees out!  One More Mile carries arm warmers and other gear with all sorts of fun slogans if you feel like making people smile while you run.  

#3 Runkeeper App
I first started using Runkeeper as a walker way back in June of 2010.  I wanted a GPS tracker to keep track of my miles and calories burned.  Since then I have progressed from walking to running and I have logged almost 1,500 miles with it over the years (including 2011 when I seemingly didn't move much at all according to my stats).   Did I mention it's FREE too?  I highly recommend Runkeeper for walkers and runners of all abilities. It has tons of handy features too. Maybe I'll do a post separate post on how it's helped me train.

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  1. My daughter is a runner and she would love those pink shoes!

    1. The sure are bright, but comfy too!

  2. Arm warmers??? That's a great idea!! Good luck running your 2nd marathon..that's so awesome!
    The Techie Teacher

    1. Funny aren't they? I can't believe I wear them. I know I look silly, but I really love them. Thanks for the well wishes on the race!

  3. Love all your gear and app! The most I run is on the treadmill for about a minute for every 5 minutes of walking. And I haven't done that in forever so maybe you'll be an inspiration to this old gal to get myself going again. Especially if those pink shoes are required!

    1. Linda the Runkeeper App will let you set your own intervals and give you audio cues of when to walk and when to run. I started with walk/run intervals too!