Howdy y'all, I'm Kim. I am 40 something wife and mother to one son, one Golden Retriever and one Siberian kitty cat.  All of whom I love more than I thought humanly possible! I am one of those outgoing types who loves to get to know people. So I figure I better let you get to know me a little first. I'll try to keep this  short, but the likelihood is I will fail, but here goes...

After having both spent our entire lives in California, my husband and I decided to go on what we now call our Texas Adventure!  We have been living in the Lone Star State for 8 years and we have truly made it home.  We miss our California friends and family along with the ocean, but even we are surprised at what a perfect transition we have made to living Texas.  We've even earned "Honorary Texans" status....after 5 years and passing a quiz of course!  ;-)

This Texas Adventure of ours has led me in a number of exciting directions.  The first of which, had me taking my "teacher hat" and transforming it into a "homeschool hat" for 4 years.  Very long story short...I had been a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher in CA before my son was born.  About the time he was finishing 2nd grade we came to the decision (not easily) to try the homeschool thing.  Well, somehow that one year turned into 4 and I managed to figure out how to teach 4th, 5th and 6th grade curriculum too.  I confess that there were days that my classroom of one 6th grader seemed far more difficult than my entire class of 2nd graders. Wonder why?  ;-)

As our Texas Adventure continued, I switched hats one more time. This time I began my journey as a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers. I slowly began taking curriculum I created when teaching in California, as well as, things I had designed for use with my son at home, and started formatting them so that classroom teachers might find them useful resources. I've also had the opportunity to volunteer, plan and design curriculum with a friend who teaches at an International Baccalaureate school. You will see some of my products are created specifically to compliment the IB program.

This part of the adventure has been a blast!  I am loving getting my toes back into the world of teaching and getting to express my creativity in a new way.  This little blog of mine is of course a big part of that, and the learning curve is a bit steep! I actually started this blog several years before starting on TPT as fun way to share pictures and thoughts with my whopping 5 friends who were willing to read it.  Now, it's morphing into a venue for me to try and share resources, ideas and probably too much information about myself in hopes that y'all will find at least some of it helpful and interesting.

If you've read this far I told you I wouldn't be able to keep it short, but thanks for sticking around! I hope you will continue to join me on the next part of my Texas Adventure!

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