The Story Behind Mom2punkerdoo

Many have asked me about me about the origins of Mom2punkerdoo, so with the new blog face lift I figured it was a good time to share the story for those who are interested.

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Did y'all have a million nicknames for your children when they were born?  We sure did. I've got a scrapbook page around here somewhere with a whole list of them.  I won't share it, as that just wouldn't be fair to Punkerdoo.

See Punkerdoo is a teenager now, and yes we do occasionally still call him that...though never in public. Hoping he doesn't read this!

Back when we was born the nickname Punkerdoo is one that really stuck.  This was in the early days of web design (before blogging even existed). I had a classroom website, so I figured why not start a website for friends and family to see pictures of our precious new bundle of joy. It was of course called Punkerdoo.

Website, e-mail addresses, the Punkerdoo Press Christmas Newsletter....Punkerdoo wasn't going away. At some point along the way I started using Mom2punkerdoo as a handle for myself. Then, in 2012 when I stuck my toe into the blogging world Mom2punkerdoo seemed fitting.

Move forward to the end of 2013 when I first opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store I needed a name.  I had the blog and the e-mail already set up and it was certainly unique. Right?  I knew it didn't scream teacher, but I wanted to get going and I thought might be memorable if not a little odd. ;-)

Since you never quite know what my show up here on my little blog, it works out that it doesn't quite tell you much beyond the fact that I am a mom. Which just happens to be my number one job!

So Mom2punkerdoo it is. It's who I am. It makes me smile.

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