Of Course I Can Help

So I used to consider myself somewhat technically literate....well, not compared to Joe, but to everyone else!  After all, I was one of the first teachers to have a classroom webpage and actually keep it updated with weekly newsletters, student work and other meaningless stuff!  And that was in the 90's! 

However, those days are long gone!  I can do Facebook (tough I know), but Twitter??  Not a clue.  How does one Tweet?  Why does one Tweet?  I simply do not understand the whole hashtag thing either! 

I have managed to figure out Pinterest....which of course is simply a reminder of  the fact that people have too much time on their hands! Oh and that I need to get busy!

I have also participated on a message board for 10 years! I have a cute little badge to prove it...of course my post total in that time is still under 1,000, but I am getting there. 

And then there is blogging....I have of course heard of blogging and I have even read a few blogs.  I only recently learned how to subscribe to a blog....at least I think I did.  Something to do with RSS feeder...maybe?  Anyhow, in order to help a friend who does have a blog and has some fabulous things she can share on  her blog....if only she knew more about how to blog.  This is where I come in.  I say, "Sure I can help you with your blog!"  I mean how hard can it be?  Remember, I had that really cool web page back in the 90's.

So here I am typing what I think will be my fist blog post.  So that I can actually be of some help to my dear friend.  It seems there is MUCH I don't know about this blogosphere, but I am going to attempt to figure it out.  Trial and error baby!  And hopefully, it will be less confusing than Twitter.

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