High School Already????

Cliche I know....but OMG where did the time go? Can't really wrap my head around the fact that I have a freshmen.  I managed to make through almost the entire day without tears. However, as I was sitting in the carpool line to pick him up after band practice at 6:30pm, after having dropped him at 7:00am, I couldn't help but shed a few tears.  Our lives changed over night.

He is on a path to independence and I can't stop or even slow it anymore.  He will have 12 hours days, some days more, for at least the next 3 months.  Then, for the few hours he is home, he will be doing homework, eating and sleeping.  Is it winter yet?  Remind me to cherish the extra hours we get back come winter and spring...even if he is being a grumpy teenager!

For the first time in his life we are the people he will be spending the least amount of time with.  Contrast that to our four homeschooling years, when all three of us were home together everyday, and it is a little hard to swallow.  Boy, am I thankful for those four years!  I knew at the time they were a gift, but that gift seems all the more precious today. Sniff...

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