Happy Birthday Harry Potter

Last Wednesday night my son and some friends were together enjoying some summer pool time and I hear one of the girls say , "Tomorrow is Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling's birthday, we should have a party!"  Next thing you know they are planning away.  With a little help from Pinterest and lots of chatting about what foods they remember from the books (they are teenagers, food is important)  and just a little encouragement from me they have a plan put together to celebrate the next evening!

Can I just say I was beyond thrilled with this plan?  First, I LOVE Harry Potter.  But, more importantly I love that these kids so appreciate J.K's books and characters that they think it would be fun to celebrate their birthdays. I sent the girls home with our last box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and my frog candy mold.  Y'all keep those lying around your house too, don't you?   Reminding them they have to check with their mother and to use what they have in the pantry.  I happen to know this particular mom has a VERY well stocked pantry.

Needless to say I know there was a trip to the market involved as not everyone stocks the ingredients for Butter Beer at home on a regular basis.  The two sisters spent the day preparing to celebrate Harry and J.K and waiting for their fellow Harry fans to arrive that evening.  Not a bad way to spend some time in the summer!

They baked a cake and decorated it like the one Hagrid gave to Harry in the very first book, so cute!  Melted some chocolate to make Chocolate Frogs, whipped up some Butter Beer and even created a pensive with some blue Jello and Whipped Cream!  Brilliant!

Is this not a perfect way for a bunch of teenagers to spend  their time in the summer?  And all thanks to a fantastic author who wrote such a wonderfully imaginative story with loveable characters, adventure, and pages kids of all ages just can't stop reading.  Magic indeed! 

I am thinking this needs to be an annual summer event! 

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