Back to School With Google Forms

Easy way to collect parent contact information and have all the information automatically saved in digital format using Google forms! You will never go back to paper forms again!
Have you made a Google Form? Filled one out?  Used them on your blog or in your classroom yet?  If not I think you are going to want to learn!

I know what Google Forms are and have even filled out a few myself, but I had NO clue how to go about creating one.  Luckily for me there are several experienced folks out there who have created some excellent tutorials with simple step by step explanations that made it really easy to learn.

I follow Chris Kesler's new blog TPT School and he recently posted a YouTube tutorial on creating Google Forms.  If you are interested in learning how simple it really is, then I highly recommend spending a few minutes to watch his tutorial.

There are so many potential uses for using Google Forms in the classroom.  The first of which is one I suggest you have ready to go the first week of school....a Parent Volunteer Form!   The thought of parents filling out an electronic form and it populating a spreadsheet with names, contact info, volunteer interest and availability is pretty darn exciting for an organizing freak like me!  Oh, and how about you make QR Code that links to your Parent Volunteer Form and you have it on display outside your room and at Back to School Night?  Yes, please!

This is my first Google Form, but the possibilities are endless! So glad I took the time to learn.  Hope you try it out too if you haven't already!


  1. I love this idea! It will save so much time. Thank you for posting it.

    1. I was surprised how simple it really is! Glad it was helpful!