Friday Night Lights

Lyle Lovett sings:

That's right you're not from Texas
That's right you're not from Texas
That's right you're not from Texas
But Texas wants you anyway

Though I've been in Texas for going on 8 years now, and have been frequently heard to say, "Y'all" and even "All y'all" now and then...and despite earning my Honorary Citizenship in the Empire of Texas (Yes, I even have the certificate to prove it!) ...there is one right of passage I have yet to make. 

Official Texan Certificate

I am almost afraid to put it in writing, I do not want my Texan Card revoked!  I have never been to Friday Night Lights.  Honestly, the last football game I attend was the Homecoming game my senior year of high school and y'all can just imagine how long ago that was! 

However, that changes tonight.  Tonight I will be sitting in my brand new stadium seat, that sports the school logo, watching the first football game of the season.  I will be wearing my new "I am with the band" t-shirt and experiencing what all true Texans seem to on Friday nights.


PS.  Sure glad Lyle was right.  ;-)

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