IB Learner Profile Puzzles

Finding new ways to engage students is just plain fun.  I've always been a big fan of concentration/memory matching games.  They are a simple way to reinforce just about any subject and most students enjoy them.  My initial plan was to take my IB Learner Profile Posters and make them into a concentration game for students to use in learning stations.  My plan changed when I stumbled across this fantastic puzzle clip art from Krista Wallden of Creative Clips.  How fun would it be to make puzzles for each trait?  In case you hadn't noticed I seriously LOVE all her work!

IB Learner Profiles

So now this learning station includes puzzles for each Learner Profile Trait too! The biggest aha-moment with this activity came with the mini-poster set on a binder ring.  These  sets worked perfectly for differentiating the lesson.  Some students used them to check their work, but others used them as an aid in helping to solve puzzles.

IB learner profile ideas and puzzles

I am a also a big fan of recording sheets for learning stations.  Just a little something to reinforce the concepts being reviewed with the games.  I did think it would be fun if you have an iPhone or iPad in your classroom for students to take photos of their completed puzzles and post to class Instagram if you have one!

IB PYP learner profile review
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