Double Digits!

Jeepers! I did it!  I must confess that the last 2 miles were a bit brutal and I am seriously wiped out!

Back in July when I decided it would be a good idea to train for my first half marathon, I did not take into consideration Football Season and having a freshman in the March Band!  Had I any clue what it would be like I hope would have been smart enough to know that early morning runs on Saturday were going to be PAINFUL and possibly simply insane.

Friday night games and picking up anywhere from 11:45-12:30AM does not allow much time for sleep when you plan to meet your friends between 6:00AM and 7:00AM to avoid the heat, and allow time to get home early enough to make it to our kiddos Saturday activities.

Thankfully the temps are starting to drop and that is making the long runs a tad easier...of course we've been adding mileage now so the two might just cancel each other out.  There is some consolation in the fact that there was no sleeping in for the Drumline kids this morning either....though I felt bad for them too, as they were heading to compete on the same 5 hours of sleep I had.

So I dropped the kiddo off and headed to meet my running partners. There is NO possible way that I could have completed this run if I was trying to do this alone.  This morning was my first time to run double digits.  Besides the exhaustion and jello like legs, I am feeling pretty darn happy about the accomplishment.   AND I was able to make it to the Drumline contest with time to spare.  Not a bad way to start the weekend even if I can barely walk or keep my eyes open.....  (-.-)zzZZ

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