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Have you heard of the Dick & Jane Baking Company yet?  A friend of mine posted about them on Facebook and I was intrigued.   I went looking for them at my local market.  The teacher is me couldn't resist the idea of an educational snack!  I was happy to find a box of States & Capitals.

My teenage son gave me a few strange looks when I unloaded the box from the groceries, but I promised I wouldn't pack them in his lunch. However, he has been more than happy to snack on them this week at home.  They are yummy!  I told him he can't eat them without reading them first. So he's been quizzing me on my states and capitals. We both agree it's so much easier to name the state that matches the capital.  It takes a little more brain power to come up with  few of the more obscure capitals for some of the states.  It seems I'm a little rusty.

My local store didn't have a box of the Presidents, but I am hoping to get those next.  The teenager used to be able to tell me the name and number of each of the presidents and I'm curious to see how much he remembers!  As with most teenage boys food is a pretty good motivator and he's a good sport. I think as long as I don't pack them in his lunch or offer them to his friends when they come over he will play along.

Another plus is that these happen to be nut free snacks.  What a bonus! I know lots of districts have really clamped down on what snacks can be served at school, but there are a few out there that still allow them and how nice that these will work for those classrooms.

I did some looking on their website and found out they are also working toward creating and educational foundation and they have some simple resources to go with their products also. Be sure to check them out!
Click to visit the Dick & Jane Baking Company

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