Little Free Library

Do you have a Little Free Library in your town?  Have you even heard about the Little Free Library movement?  If not, you really need to check this out! The basic concept is simply stated as follows on the Little Free Library Website:
It’s a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. In its most basic form, a Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share. You can, too!
How awesome is that!  Well, it just so happens that I have two fantastically awesome friends who joined the movement, built and started Little Free Library #2002 back in October of 2012.  Look how cute it is!

Little Free Library #2002

Get this, they also hosted an open house and ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of their new little library. They printed invitations and spent hours preparing lots of "little" food to share with all of their guests.  There were tiny ham & grilled cheese sandwiches, delicious miniature pork sliders and much more.  Even the condiments containers were nice and little. I just love finishing details like that.

Miniature grilled ham & cheese

We had a lovely time celebrating this wonderful new way of sharing books, making friends and building community.  It was a truly special day.  Before we held the official "Ribbon Cutting" we all got to enjoy a few more itty bitty treats.  The mini muffins and donuts were to die for yummy, but that's always the case with this couple.  I don't think they have ever made something that didn't taste scrumptious and just look how adorable everything was too!

Once the ribbon was cut each of us took turns peeking inside to see the treasures that had been placed inside.  Of course, we found a delightful assortment of things for folks of all ages and interests.  I happened to know that this Little Free Library has been well visited over the past 2 years and just this week it got a brand new solar light installed for visitors who stop by as the sun goes down.  This couple is truly a gift to their community in so many ways, I'll have to share more about them another time.  For now just know that they have given the gift of free books and made many new friends as a result.  What could be better?

Did you know there are Little Free Libraries all over the world? There are approximately 15,000 Little Free Libraries in 56 different countries! Check out this map to find one near you.
Map of all Little Free Libraries


  1. This is really adorable. :-) THanks for sharing...!

  2. I just LOVE this whole concept and this day was such a fun way to celebrate it! So fun to see how the movement is really growing.