Meeting Nancy

What a fantastic morning! Well, not the 5:45am wake up, but that's another story.  What made this morning so great is that I got to meet Nancy Alvarez from Teaching With Nancy live and in person!

Back in January I linked up one of my TPT Freebies on Nancy's blog and she contacted me about featuring it in her Freebie Spotlight.  I was beyond thrilled and of course said, "Please do!"  In our e-mail exchange we discovered we both live in the same town! What a wonderful coincidence!

Nancy has been encouraging me in small ways ever since.  Knowing that I am new to blogging, branding, social media and developing PLN's (I didn't even know what a PLN was before Nancy) she has pointed me in the right direction multiple times.  We had talked about meeting in person, but we finally made it happen this morning.

We had breakfast and I asked her a million questions. So basically, I had breakfast and Nancy didn't get much time to take a bite... she was too busy sharing her wealth of knowledge.  I made mad scribbles in my notebook that include things like:
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Shortstack
  • Screencast
  • Branding
  • Flubaroo
  • Record MP3
  • Google Educator.......and much, much more
It was a pleasure to meet her and I feel so lucky to have someone so close who is so willing to help and share her talents.  I did ask her if she ever sleeps, because I just don't quite know how she does it all!  I confess my head is spinning with all the new info.  Now I've got to find the time to dig and learn!

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