Blogging Smogging

I have clearly been out of the loop.  The Blogging loop that is.  Sure I knew about Pioneer Woman and Drudge, but HOLY COW there are a lot of bloggers out there.  Some pretty darn interesting ones too.  I have been sucked into the world of running blogs this week.  I have spent a goodly amount of time reading about other people running....probably more time than I have spent running myself...not how it's supposed to work I don't think.  

Some of them are hard core...well, it's not too difficult to be hard core compared to say...ME!  A few of the ones I have found have a gazillion half marathons under their running shoes...not to mention the occasional full marathon too.  Do you know how far that is????

The blogs I am enjoying most are by gals who found running later in life.  Either as an aid in weight loss or just choosing to be more healthy.  These are a little easier for me to relate to than the ultra fit 20 somethings who have always been able to just go!  

Anyhow, the running blogs are inspiring my running and also showing me that there is a lot more to this blogging thing than I first realized.  Some of these bloggers actually make money, are given free product to review and invited to special events even....just for having a blog!  Wow.

I clearly have a lot to learn about both running and blogging.  Who knows, maybe I will get better at both?

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