HOV, 635 & The Dallas Galleria

Only took 5 years of living in Texas to venture 24.3 miles from Bluebonnet Ranch (our house) to the famous Dallas Galleria mall.  An adventuresome 24.3 miles I might add!  Well, only the last 3 miles were really all that adventuresome. 

Joshua had his second and final day of O'Flaghtery's Irish Youth Music Camp this morning and for reasons not worth going into now he was only attending for 3 hours.  So, it only made sense that after having battled morning rush hour and even dared using the HOV lane on the 75....not being a 100% sure when I could actually escape the HOV trap...that I should simply stay in the general vicinity.

I will wholeheartedly admit that were it not for my Iphone and GPS voice navigation I would never have tried such a wild adventure!  My destination of choice was the infamous Dallas Galleria and it was after all just a little over 3 whole miles away from Joshua's camp!  Luckily for me the nice lady in my phone got me there with ease...even with the construction chaos that surrounded me from EVERY angle. 

I grabbed a quick breakfast while I waited for the Galleria to officially open.  Then, I made my way to the orange parking garage.  Parking garages are creepy....that is all.  I don't care if I can park right in between Nordstrom and Sax Fifth Avenue...still creepy.  I very carefully noted the creepy spot in which I parked and made my way to the mall via the Nordstrom entrance. 

I remember when Nordstrom first came to Oakridge Mall in San Jose, California.  We were so impressed with the grand piano!  Of course, I don't think I can even count on one hand the number of times I have actually bought anything in Nordstrom.  It's just out of my league.  Did you know they have special screened off pre-sale sections for the Nordstom card holders?  Those were creepy too...and as I walked quickly by I snuck a peek inside and saw a sale sign...know what is said?  The rack was labeled $129.00-$429.00!  Nothing about those prices says SALE to me! 

The rest of my little field trip went much of the same way.  When the sale racks are additional 40% off and everything is still going to cost $70.00 I am not in the right place.  I didn't even go into Sax Fifth Ave or Tiffany Co. , but I can now say I have seen them at least!  I did venture into Forever 21 and I even tried on a couple of cute sundresses...needless to say I am NOT forever 21.  Left with nothing.  I also took a look in Lulumom.  I have been hearing about their workout clothes from a few different sources so I thought I'd see what they have.  They have cute, expensive workout clothes.  Again...not gonna happen.  So I left with nothing.  As a matter of fact all I left with from the Galleria were a few photos I snapped with my Iphone just to show I was there!

To tell the truth... the best part of the adventure was using the HOV lane without incident!  Yeah me! 

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  1. Cool pictures to prove you were there!