Thematic Thursday: Penguins

I am linking up with Carla from Comprehension Connection again for another great Thematic Thursday.  This week it's all about Penguins. Ork!  One of my favorite classroom themes!  So many great books and so much fun to be had with these adorable little creatures.

Way back in my early years of teaching I was lucky enough to take a job teaching 2nd grade where they read the novel Mr. Popper's Penguins.  Oh, did I have a blast planning that unit! Nowadays with Pinterest at our fingertips the plethora of penguin ideas for classroom fun with these adorable black & white friends is endless. You can follow my Penguins Pinterest Board to see all the additional great ideas I don't have room to include here today.

We all know that penguins are fantastically adorable, but they also allow classroom teachers to easily integrate science and language arts, making them a very popular classroom theme.  There are so many great fiction and non-fiction books starring penguins that it is easy to get students excited about both.  You will see some of my favorites linked in the graphic below.

Click to open document with clickable links for each book and idea!

I've also linked  a small sampling of some of my favorite penguin activities.  There are two art activities, including this very simple directed draw from Drawing Lessons for the Young Artists Blog. Simply sketch and then use pastels to color and you will have a some wonderful works of art.

I found an adorable photo writing prompt on Pinterest that reminds me so much of how always imagined Mr. Popper! It would be great to use for writing captions. I wish I was able to find the source of this clever capture.

The last activity is a matching game to help students learn basic facts about the many different species of penguins. It is a part of my larger unit on Mr. Popper's Penguins that was recently updated to include QR codes for students to self check.  Don't forget to check out the links at the bottom of the PDF for some great research resources to compliment your study of penguins.

Click the cover below to preview this Unit that includes:
      •Chapter Notes: prediction, inference, alliteration, simile, metaphor, foreshadowing, onomatopoeia & idioms by chapter
•56 Comprehension Questions
•53 Vocabulary Words for word walls & flashcard activities with quizzes included
•Integrated science and math activities
•Graphic Organizers
•Bonus Bookmarks for the 15 most popular species of penguins that include an illustrations and basic facts about the species.
•And More

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And guess what? You can win this thematic unit along with several other fantastic penguin themed products this week!  Woot! Be sure to hop on over to the Comprehension Connection to enter the giveaways and to check out more fun penguin themed ideas!

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