Runkeeper Stats 2014 : 500 Miles

Hey now, look at that!  500 miles logged in 2014.  I couldn't have planned that if I tried.

I love the Runkeeper App.  I've used it for about 4 years to track both walking and running. Nowadays, I only track my running and I just started tracking my walks again using Wooftrax.  

I rarely log in online to check stats, but since it's the start of a new year AND I knew that 2014 was my best year since...oh 1985...I was curious to see how many miles I had logged.  Imagine my surprise to have logged an even 500 miles for 2014.  I do like to stop my runs as close to an even mile mark as I can, but considering most of my runs look like this:

I do find it fantastically awesome that I somehow managed to hit 500 EXACTLY without even trying!  I love that kind of coincidence.

Well, on  to 2015.  I've officially logged a whopping 5 miles so far.  I hate to set goals with specific numbers just to avoid disappointment if I fail.  So I won't.  I do have plans to train and run at least as much as I did in 2014. So, with any luck I will be pleasantly surprised when I check my stats again this time next year!

Do any of you use Runkeeper or something else to track stats?  I am not super  hard core about my pace or tracking my data, but I do find it fun to have the info.  I mostly run for my mental health, but I do enjoy seeing improvement and progress!

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