Have you heard of WoofTrax?  I hadn't until recently. I am so excited to start using it to help support our favorite rescue, Dallas Fort Worth Metro Golden Retriever Rescue!

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Almost 4 years ago we decided we were ready for our first dog. Our son had been wanting a dog and we had fallen in love with a friend's dog, Sandy.  Sandy is a Golden Retriever and simply one of the best dogs in the world.  We decided it was time to get our own Sandy.


We contacted several Golden Retriever rescues in the area, and long story short, after a few months we came home with Finley. He's just a tad more enthusiastic than Sandy, but he is just as sweet.  He LOVES everyone and likes to show it!  He is a great addition to our wacky family.


Anyhow, our most recent rescue newsletter mentioned this app WoofTrax and I was intrigued. All you have to do is download the app and run it while you walk your dog.  You can select the rescue you want to support and as you collect miles they will donate to your rescue or shelter of choice.  How easy is that?  You also don't even have to have a dog to use the app and help out, you just have to be a walker!  You can search for local shelters in your area to support. Such a simple way to help. I do hope you will check it out.

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FYI Sandy and Finley are now the best friends and we could not be happier!

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