Elf Update: Clint's Been Busy

After learning the secret to winning over a teenage boy, Clint has been busy!  He somehow manages to snag a tasty treat or a few bucks on his way back from the North Pole every night.  He even figured out how to download from iTunes!  Here are a few pictures of what he's been up to the last few days.

Favorite Ice Cream At The North Pole?  Blue Bell Of Course!
Anything Can Be Turned Into A Percussion Instrument.  #youdontjusteatem
Nothing Says Love Like Reese's.
Bagel Reindeer For Breakfast?  Yes!
Seems Clint Is A Pentatonix Fan Too!
An Elf And His Peeps.
Elf Party! #redsolocup

Clint And The Snowflakes
Origami Elf. Ca-Ching!

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