The Friz

Do you remember The Friz?  Also, known as the BEST teacher ever! I've used so many of her books in the classroom and the shows were so well done!  I remember being so excited when my son was little and finally old enough to be interested  watching The Magic School Bus!  I can actually hear the kids saying, "Ralphie!" just thinking about it!

I've dressed up as Ms. Frizzle twice even!  Once when Scholastic sent a costume to the school I was teaching at and I volunteered to be the mascot for the book fair.  The second time, I had my mom help make a bee themed jumper dress. I found perfect outrageous earrings and a fantastic red wig! My class was studying bees at the time. I made a  large yellow paper beehive bus just like the one in the book.  My 2nd graders helped me carry it in the school Halloween parade.  Such great memories!  Maybe I'll see if I can dig out a photo of that day?  Maybe not.....

What inspired my thoughts of Ms. Frizzle today? I saw this shirt on Pinterest today and I just LOVE it.  Not only because I love The Friz, but because I love to run and this is just a perfect motivating thought!  I sure wouldn't want to miss that bus!

PS.  Professor McGonagall actually ties the Friz for best teacher ever....and I've dressed up as her too!

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