Texas Flag

Had a fun, feel good thing happen today!  This summer I made a giant Texas flag out of our old fence wood. I LOVE it and it is now hanging in our family room so I can see it every day.  Well, turns out a good friend of ours loved it too.  He mentioned to his wife he'd like to hang one in his airplane hanger and wondered if he could pay me to make one.  Well, I told her, "Don't be silly! Y'all can't pay me, but I am happy to make one for him!"  I also suggested I do it and we surprise him and sneak it into the hanger when he's out of town!  We did just that!  I made it on the last warm weekend we had  (thankfully) and we snuck it into the hanger on Saturday.  Today was they day he found it!  I think it made us all happy!  Thankful for such good friends.

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