Feels like just yesterday when Joshua started using these. Can't remember when he stopped, but I wasn't ready to purge @ the time. Today is the day they go. Sigh. Yep, I'm a sentimental fool...not a surprise to anyone I know.

But then I posted on Facebook and this is what happened:

L: Nooooo, I'm just like you. Save them!! Then, when you put your grandkid's drinks in them, Joshua will love it!!
N: I agree with L. Save some stuff.
KG: What L said. My parents kept a few of the plates and cups my brother and I used. Now J and J use those at my parents' house. The kids think it's fun, so do we. Hoarding enablement session over.
Kim: Oh ladies you are bad! I might have to pull them out of the donation bag, but the problem is I already have so much stuff saved for the grandkids. Let's hope these grandkids y'all speak of actually exist some day!
S: You can do this Kim! Just a few very memorable pieces...that's the key!
@ KG...Hoarding Support Group?
KS: I'd keep them ... ya know, for grandkids and such. I'm a sentimental fool too.
H: Do what I do...watch one episode of Hoarders and then decide what to do. Works every time.
Kim: Y'all are a bunch of enablers...except maybe H. I have seen Hoarders only once...never again. Ok I am going to get them back out. They are small, right?

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