Show and Tell Tuesday: The Little Things

On the blog today erasers, pencils and comfy shoes! I am linking up again with Stephanie from Forever in 5th Grade  for a little Show & Tell Tuesday to share some little things that bring me great joy!

It's always nice when little things can really have big impacts. This little white board eraser has done just that.  My board erasers died practically died over night and I was so frustrated.  I am so happy I found this little one on Amazon. It works perfectly and it's magnetic and sticks anywhere I leave it on the board.  I've already ordered a second one!

I am a pencil snob. I only write in pencil, and I only use Ticonderoga pencils. These are the only pencils I let my students use.  In an effort to help my students with their self management skills and responsibility I number their pencils.  My students each have a number and we use these numbers to help them keep track of their belongings and especially their pencils.  I am always astounded by the number of pencils we find on the floor, but with the numbers on them at least we can track down who they belong too!

I have bad feet.  Make that BIG bad feet.  It's so hard to find comfortable shoes.  I have given up on stylish, but I do try to find things that aren't flat out ugly.  My favorite style of casual shoe was recently discontinued and I am still depressed about it.  In my search for a good replacement I recently found these.  While still not as good as my old faves, they are certainly comfy and the pink plaid does bring a smile to my face! 

So what little things bring a smile to your face?


  1. Number the pencils...that is pretty genius! Why did I never think of that? :P Thanks for sharing, Kim!
    The Techie Teacher

    1. It really does cut down on the number of lost pencils!

  2. I am a pencil snob too, but I only use mechanical pencils. I refuse to write with a dull pencil ever! I would love to have a pencil system like you, but I swear my kids eat their pencils. How do boxes of pencils disappear in a couple of days?

    Love, love, love the shoes! I wear Skechers Go Walk shoes almost exclusively. I have them in five colors and can get away with wearing them to school with khakis or corduroys. They are so comfortable! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

    1. My husband and son are with you on the mechanical pencils. It's amazing to me how one kid can go through tons of pencils and then I've got others who never need new ones! Crazy!

      Oh I should look at Sketchers too! Comfort is a must!

  3. that is pretty genius! Why did I never think of that?

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