You Can Embed Quizlet! Who knew?

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I first discovered Quizlet back in our homeschooling days and I was beyond thrilled!  If you are not familiar with Quizlet it is a free online service of learning tools.  My son has used Quizlet for years to aid in his studies in everything from Chemistry to Spanish.

You can find already existing study sets or make your own.  You can create classes for your students to join where you add the specific content you want them to practice and learn.  There are six different study modes students can choose from to study and practice. In addition, there are even audio cues you can turn off and on as needed.  I could go on and on about all the features, but you really just need to log in and check out for yourself.  I really think you will find it a valuable resource.

I just recently discovered another cool feature I hadn't known about. It seems you can even embed (click to see how) your sets into your class website or blog to make it even easier for your students to use. Check it out! I have embedded two different sets I have created that go with my Math Facts Fluency Program.

Guess what? They also have an App in the iTunes store so students do not have to be at a computer to study.

Quizlet has a great Quick Start Guide for Teachers explaining how to get started.  They do have a for fee service for teachers that provides you with some additional features you might find helpful, but I have only used the free version and found it to be incredible useful.

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