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Who doesn't love free stuff?   I am always on the look out for a good bargain for just about everything.  As a a mater of fact, I can waste a serious amount of time hunting for the BEST deal. Free is certainly a great deal.  :-)

TPT is filled with gazillions of excellent freebies of all sorts.  I've got several posted for you in my store.  Use this link to see them all or scroll down to take a peek at some of what you will find for free in my TPT store.

Good Morning Song: 
This is one of several freebies can only be found here on my blog. I use this song every morning as a part of our daily routine. Here is how it works, kids come in and start putting their things away, they greet one another, and begin our calendar work (another routine). At some point I start singing.  My students know that when I finish the song they are expected to be in their seats, with their supplies, ready to begin the day.  As soon as I finish the song we are off and running.  No need to get everyone's attention, no waiting for anyone to get ready.  They know what they expectations are for when I am done singing and it helps that the song is long enough that if they were straggling they have time to hustle to their seats!

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Goals & Planning Quote Posters: 
This freebie can only be found here on my blog. Motivate your students to think about their goals and make a plan for success. Download this set of three inspirational posters to display in your classroom.
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Writing & Editing Checklists & Rubric: 
These simple checklists remind students to check for proper punctuation, use of adjectives, word variation and staying on topic.

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Fraction Fun: Ice Cream Sundae Matching Game:
22 Memory Game Cards and 1 Recording Sheet that can also be used as a review sheet on it's own.  Perfect game to use in your learning stattions to reinforce basic fraction skills.
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Back to School: Getting to Know You Exit Ticket-Scavenger Hunt: Building classroom community is key the first few weeks of school. Help your students get to know one another better using this Exit Ticket-Scavenger Hunt.
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